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On Sight / On Site

Digital Photography Exhibition

G5A cityLAB at Worli Koliwada

Exploring visual stories of connection and what is amiss, this photo exhibition is the outcome of a recent workshop with women, youth, and children from Worli Koliwada, where we explored the places, emotions, and activities that connect them to the place. It is a visual narrative of their lives, passions, histories, and present through mobile photography. These are just some of the images taken by the participants, that capture the hope that they hold close for Worli Koliwada and their neighborhood.

For should art 2020, we have brought together our community of artists, collaborators, partners, and patrons who have been an integral part of our journey these past five years. Worli Koliwada has been a significant neighborhood for us at G5A, since we began work with the community in 2013.

This celebration would be incomplete without their voices and stories.

On Sight / On Site – Photographs

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I have clicked a photo of this cat, and I will share a couple of lines about my feelings. I see animals around me being ignored, ill-treated – even killed. This should not happen with any animal or living being. They are voiceless and silent, but that does not mean they don’t have a right to live. So I hope people start respecting and treating animals with care.

Shreyas Manaval, 13
A student in grade 7, has been living in Worli Koliwada since he was born and is always enthusiastic about G5A cityLAB sessions.

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Worli Koliwada has a lot of small lanes, so there’s not enough space to play games. What is special about this place is that it allows more people to gather and we can play games here, like cricket, football. We miss that.”

Riddhi Vilankar
A first year university student, she enjoys acting, drama, and dance. She has been a part of various G5A cityLAB workshops.

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I have been living in Koliwada for many years. I see this beach every day. So I wanted to express this longing in my photo. I hope we as a community will take seriously the responsibility and come together to make it a beautiful beach.”

Anusha Kodam
Is a homemaker and has been living in Worli Koliwada for over 15 years.

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This is the gift of God. So I’ve captured it on camera. Beautiful skies, fresh air, an open, endless beach. My hope is that the residents here keep it this clean and pure forever.”

Malhar Patil
He is studying commerce at university, and enjoys photography.

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This place is special. You can see the sunset from here, over the boats. A lot of boats. And there in the background is the Worli Sea Link. It is silent here, and peaceful. Many tourists come and appreciate this scenery. I hope this place stays as it is.”

Rahul Mayekar
He is a university student, and enjoys drawing, acting, music, and sports. This was his first workshop with G5A cityLAB.

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The kundya (flower pots) in these houses look so nice. It made me happy to see some flowers peeking out of the pot, and I decided to take this photo. I hope we get to see more plants, greenery, and bright flowers in Koliwada.”

Aditi Desai
A student in eighth standard, Aditi is a regular at G5A cityLAB workshops, and loves drawing.

Through G5A cityLAB we work with communities, to reflect upon, nurture, and preserve, the stories and legacy of our city through Creative Placemaking – collectively working towards creating neighborhoods that are compassionate, creative, and sustainable.

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