morning riyaaz

Riyaaz – the discipline of rigorous practice and an engagement with the self. A process where the artist, deeply lost in refining every note and the silences in between, hopes to also sense the abstract and the subtle. Through performances and conversations, G5A forum’s Morning Riyaaz brings back the relevance of pre-dawn discipline and rigor as well as helps us in understanding the nuances and importance of the practice.

Morning raagas have the quality of the first bloom; the slow start of a new experience. The ideas range from a call to the divine, to a beloved, or even a yearning. The compositions are often meant to rouse the gods themselves, describe Shiva in all his rough-hewn glory, or offer gratitude for the passing of the night and the coming of another dawn.

These morning concerts are designed specially for practising musicians to highlight the importance of practice and experimentation.

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