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Acting for Cinema submissions

Acting for Cinema, an in-depth training course, creates immersive learning experiences for artists to strengthen rigor and innovation in practice. Continued professional education creates space for dialogue, critical examination of one’s practice, and refinement of one’s craft. The course also encourages coming together of like-minded individuals creating a network that offers support, guidance, and expertise. 


We begin the first course in this series with Method Acting.

A 2 week intensive and experiential course on Acting for Cinema pushes actors to redefine how they interpret performance, and portray stories and characters on/through film. For this, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film InstituteGuided by faculty from the Lee Strasberg Institute, the course will deliver a holistic, multidisciplinary foundation and practical training – producing adept, disciplined, and confident actors for contemporary films/cinema.

The Method™ trains actors to use their physical, mental, and emotional selves in the creation of the story’s characters, and stresses the way in which personal experience can fire the actor’s imagination. This is the spark that turns an accomplished technician into an inspired artist and what makes Lee Strasberg’s Method™ a vital technique for actor training.

The course will include Method Acting classes, Scene Study classes, and a virtual Master Class with David Strasberg. 


Submission Guidelines

Do go through our submission guidelines before submitting your work

  1. Eligibility criteria
    • A minimum of three (3) years of professional experience
    • Attendance for the entire duration of the course is mandatory
    • You should be 16 years or above to register for the course
    • Applicants below 18 must submit an additional parental consent form
  2. Submission guidelines
    • Submissions will only be accepted through the form below
    • Only one submission per person will be accepted
    • Only the first submission received will be considered
    • Submissions in other languages will be accepted but must include English subtitles

Please note before applying for the course

    • Registration is required but does not guarantee access to the course.
    • While all submissions will be considered, there are limited slots for the course, therefore confirmations will only be sent to participants who have been selected. 
    • The course will be conducted in English and participants will be expected to be fluent.

Registration deadline: September 10th, 2022

For any further queries, please write to us at academy@g5afoundation.org