When we start engaging with a neighborhood and its people through an art and culture framework, we open up the possibility of experiencing oneness with our fellow citizens, our neighborhoods, our local government, and our environment. New stories and new experiences emerge and we begin to see patterns and recognize familiar strains. The old walls become storehouses of memory and the local chaiwallah becomes the keeper of stories.

We, at G5A cityLAB reflect upon, preserve, and nurture these stories of our city through Creative Placemaking. Technology helps us connect communities with each other, bringing together local government, artists, local residents, architects, and urban planners to work collectively towards creating neighborhoods that are compassionate, creative, and sustainable. 

We believe that for any city to be truly enriched, we need inclusive participatory governance, creative economies, and urban resilience.

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Mission Statement

G5A cityLAB is a key element of G5A that helps develop participatory and inclusive processes, and systemic solutions to make our cities more liveable. We recognize the diversity within our city and community, and connect people to the condition and emotion of a place through the process of creative placemaking. cityLAB brings together local communities, artists, architects, government agencies, policy makers, urban planners and designers to foster culturally vibrant, sustainable, and resilient neighborhoods.

We are dedicated to collaboratively designing process models for an inclusive, participatory, and equitable neighborhood and city governance that is sustainable, scalable, and replicable.


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