anuradha parikh

Anuradha Parikh is the Founder and Artistic Director at G5A. An architect and filmmaker, she envisioned and established G5A in 2015, as a multi-functional, multidisciplinary, cultural center and community hub, for the city.

Mumbai has been an integral part of her creative journey, as her work continues to be foregrounded by the city and community.

As an architect, her practice consists of an eclectic mix of projects, both commercial, industrial, and residential, including the reconstruction of the G5A warehouse.
As a filmmaker, she has been the producer and production designer for the path breaking, cult, indie films English, August, (1993) and Split Wide Open, (1998) while creating a visual narrative to reckon with, as the production designer for Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance (2008).

Her range of experience in architectural practice, a deep immersion into Hindustani classical music, and an ongoing engagement with contemporary visual and performing art and cinema, has uniquely shaped her, embodying everything she does. Her commitment towards creating deeper, socio cultural-ideological conversations that reinforce inclusivity, equity, and compassion influence the DNA of all programs and projects at G5A.