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Dhanashri Ghaisas

Born on 11th March 1986 in a music-loving family, Dhanashri grew up listening to Hindustani music and developed a keen ear for the same. Her talent was identified and nurtured by her aunt Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande – a stalwart of the Jaipur Atrauli Khayal Tradition; who accepted Dhanashri as her disciple. Under her tutelage, Dhanashri began her formal learning process and continues to imbibe the stylized aspects of the famed Hindustani Classical and Semi-Classical Vocal music tradition.
In addition to her musical talent, Dhanashri has also obtained a professional degree in Architecture from The University of Pune.
She is a recipient of Scholarships from the Ministry of Culture (Government of India) in Hindustani Classical Music as well as Semi-Classical Music. She is a graded artist on ‘All India Radio’ and has received several scholarships
and awards as a young performer. Dhanashri has featured on many platforms as an upcoming performer, where her performances have been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. Her accompaniment to her Guru has also been equally appreciated.
She has performed at various prestigious Classical and Semi-Classical music concerts across India and abroad. Sawai Gandharva Mahotsav (Pune), Ganasaraswati Mahotsav (Pune), Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur Mahotsav (Dharwad), Performances at N.C.P.A. Mumbai, Benaras Hindu University, Pt. Jasraj auditorium (New York) to name a few.