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Harshita Borah

Academically, Harshita is a licensed architect. She left her practice to work for brands as a visual communication designer. When she started, Harshita was only self-taught but took it as an experience that would come in handy when applying for post-grad in design school. But as she worked with teams and learned on-the-job, Harshita grew more interested in the network she was building and prioritized being part of this creative community over a college degree. Harshita never went to art/design school. 


As difficult as last year was, it was also an extremely important year for Harshita to see people at their worst and how they responded/managed an emergency. Having worked in advertising and marketing, she finally gave up her full-time job in the middle of the pandemic for good reason. She is currently working as an independent art director, and has never been happier. Harshita feels blessed and fortunate to be healthy, to have enough work, amazing clients, family and friends, and be able to manage her own time without team con-calls at 9 in the morning :)