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Indira Chandrasekhar

Dr. Indira Chandrasekhar is a scientist, a writer, a literary curator and the founder and principal editor of Out of Print, one of the primary platforms for short fiction bearing a connection to the Indian subcontinent. An anthology marking ten years of the magazine is due out at the end of 2020.

Indira’s primary focus as a writer is prose. As a fiction writer, she focuses on the short form, drawing deeply on her scientific experience working with the complex subtleties of biological macromolecules. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies and literary journals across the world, and a collection of her short stories, Polymorphism, was published by HarperCollins. 

Indira has long been involved in literary and artistic spaces that work towards impacting the cultural landscapes of cities. She is on the Program Committee of the Bangalore International Centre. A member of the Advisory Committee of the International Music and Arts Society in Bangalore, she is the lead author of a volume in production commemorating the Society’s first forty years. She is a member of the Development Council of the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai, a centre with which she has been associated from its early conceptual stages. She is the Mentor-Editor at imprint.