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mad paule

Paule is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New Delhi, India, a country packed with 1.3 billion people,where personal space is hard to come by – both physically and mentally. Through his work, Paule seeks to create an aesthetic that is beyond the social norm,  celebrating intimacy and connection with people and places. There is often a voyeuristic quality to the resulting imagery, which is also a nod to the country’s high moral grounds of censorship. His work is heavily inspired by his stays in New Delhi( my hometown ) and in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and residencies in the Netherlands and yearly residences and interactions in Japan,  Japanese Ukiyo-e art, woodcut prints, Shunga erotic art, Japanese–influenced comics and folklore.

Some of the recent exhibitions where Paule’s work has been showcased: 

Fertellendeweis, Tytsjerk, Netherlands.

Exhibition at Blank Space Gallery, Oslo, Norway. Resident Artist and Exhibition at Tsukuba Biennale 2019

Solo Show at Keep Contemporary Gallery, New Mexico, United States