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Mitsuaki Matsumoto

Mitsuaki is an audio-visualist, visual artist, composer, sound performer, and scenographer. Under the name of Mathieu Martin, he has been developing audio and visual works, which have no particular direction nor visible form, with the goal of giving spectators a physiological feeling. With this point of view, he also creates scenographic work, and has worked with French visual artist Marc Plas. Mitsuakis solo work tries to create a sensory space through different means, from acoustic to electric, from analog to digital, from stereo to surround. As a musician, he plays in different contexts: acoustic improvisation music (bandoneon), prepared sitar (self-made instrument), electronic sound accompaniment for dance etc. He has often played in collaboration with instrumentalists: Pierre Bastien, Hans Koch, Cristian Vogel, Jaap Blonk, Tetsuzi Akiyama, Kazuo Imai and many others. In Tokyo, he organizes the ”Croisements” festival Tokyo edition (solo improvisation festival) which reflects on the nature of improvised music, and in Kagoshima prefecture the ”Croisements Kagoshima” concert series. Mitsuaki lives and works in Nara.