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Parizad D

Parizad D is a photographer and visual artist based in Bombay, India. Her practice is concerned with questions of identity, emotional geography and internal polarities. She has a wide array of commissioned projects under her belt, and is constantly pursuing personal work that is more intimate in nature. This is often created by pushing her digital image-making process to include experimentations with the written word, analogue printing mediums, alternative photo processes, stop motion and filmmaking – all employed in the pursuit of creating surreal and personal narratives. Her works portray a sense of cohesiveness that transcends the binary states of her world. Most recently, she released her first photobook titled dear melancholy. Her ongoing projects investigate the notion of memory as an intangible part of geographic locations, found objects, and interpersonal relationships. While her spirit of exploration sometimes makes it hard to pick a definition and hold on to it, she likes to believe that at her core, she is merely a storyteller deeply in love with her camera.