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Ranadeep Bhattacharyya

Judhajit & Ranadeep arrived separately in this world but ended up together after 18 years. Almost as if the Yaannus (pronounced as Yaanah= path) journey was destined to unfold with learnings from our separate lives braided together. Our path Yaanah is inspired by two headed God Janus – Creative and purposeful, charting each communication roadmap with intent and humanity and imagination. We feel with our eyes, hear with our hands,  learn through our skin and believe with our instinct. Eyes closed we smell the truth, our skin absorbs the untold and our hearts find the answer looking beyond what one sees.

Mapping minds and desires, diving deep into relationships across communities, cultures, economies, locations and interactions with the environment, their domain expertise straddles films, visual installations, video art, photography, illustrations, paintings, photo essays and AI. Yaannus Atelier is a storyteller’s abode. We tell award winning stories with words, with visuals, with sound, with music, in the edits, with the mediums, across cultures, within communities beyond culture barriers , using spoken language, body language, silence and sound. YA have won over 70 national and international awards for advertising films, fashion films and experimental narrative short films including the Cannes Dolphin, the National Award and International Photography Award (1st Place in Video) for their Short film Children of the Soil. Judhajit & Ranadeep have also been Member of Jury for London Fashion Film Festival and The Stevies, USA.