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Saylee Talwalkar

In this profoundly infinite world of music, Saylee Talwalkar has influentially made her resonance felt. Her divinely mesmerizing voice along with the unceasing enthusiasm and wish to learn and absorb, even more, has attained a wide yet seasoned audience the world over.

The task of laying a strong yet grounded foundation was prompted by her mother, Mrs. Nilima Shintre. This preliminary inspiration proved so essential that Saylee started taking lessons from her Guru Mrs. Usha Deshpande ji, of the Kirana Gharana; a renowned name in the world of music. Her interest and devotion was further nurtured by the keen and exceptionally experienced guidance of Mrs. Arti Anklikar Tikekar ji of Jaipur and Agra Gharana. With this surefooted base, she then spearheaded and made herself worthy of being the disciple of Pandita Padma Talwalkar Ji of Jaipur-Atrauli Garana. Having imbibed the moral norms, values, and an in-depth understanding of not just one but many gharanas, Saylee feels more than blessed. And this very fact allows her to harmonize her distinctly diverse styles into one enthralling rendition.

Apart from being a classical vocalist, her interests also lie in performing semi-classical styles like Thumri ,Dadra, Hori, Chaiti, Bhajans, Abhanga and Natyasangeet. She also is extremely keen in understanding World Music along with Fusion. She shares the credits of the widely recognised album by the Jazz Saxophonist Mr. Finn Martin from Germany. She has also performed with the world renowned Jazz Pianist Mr. Louis Banks in his very own band, Aakriti. “Teertha Vitthala” , “Bhaav Rang” and “Vaditra…the journey of sound” are her well appreciated conceptual programmes. Her lasting devotion towards music has won her numerous accolades. Winner of the Chattrottam Sugam Sangeet Patu Award, Saylee has also made herself worthy of the prestigious Surmani Award from the Sur Singar Samsad, just to name a few. She is also a proud recipient of the National Scholarship from the Government of India for Performing Arts. Apart from all the laurels to her name, she is a Gold Medallist in her Masters in Performing Arts ( Classical Vocal ) from the Mumbai University.

Awards and accolades certainly do signify an artist. But to satisfy one, there is nothing like an engrossed audience. And Saylee is blessed with a wide audience from a variety of eminently reputed Music Festivals in her homeland and abroad alike. Pt. Ram Marathe Mahotsav, Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki Mahotsav, Gunijaan Mahotsav, Sadhana Mahotsav, ITC SRA, Umang Festival at NCPA Mumbai just to name a few. These and numerous more festivals are to her credit dotted around the globe in USA, Europe, Thailand, Singapore and Mauritius. The constancy of performing has been attained by the continuous process of learning. And what greater an inspiration can one acquire when the stalwarts of the same form of art are the members of your own family. Saylee has been extremely felicitous to be the daughter-in-law of the Tabla legend Talyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar and Pandita Padma Talwalkar, and the wife of Tabla Maestro Satyajit Talwalkar. However, her resonance is laudably felt even amidst these stalwarts.