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SVDP (Shan Vincent de Paul) is an award winning Tamil-Canadian artist based out of Toronto. Having released five solo studio projects since 2016, SVDP has become a notable name in the global hip-hop scene. Known for his versatile song writing and his striking self-directed visuals, SVDP fuses his Tamil roots with his contemporary hip-hop influences. He was recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone India, cover of NOW magazine, Forbes Magazines, Vogue, GQ India, Complex, Mass Appeal, BBC, and several other publications.

SVDP released his third studio album “Made in Jaffna” along with seven self-directed videos. The project has garnered over 10 million streams to date, with over 10 million video views. Shan has been touring since 2016 and has independently toured over 13 countries and has built a sizeable global audience. Shan was recently nominated for Video of the Year at the 2022 Juno Awards for his self directed video “Neeye Oli”.

Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka – Shan and his family fled the country due to civil war and moved to Canada as refugees. With a family of five children, Shan’s parents worked multiple jobs and slowly started a new life in Canada. Growing up in various neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto Shan and his family eventually settled in Brampton, where he attended high school. There he began to find his passion for rap music and began releasing music with various groups in the city. In 2007, Shan formed MAGNOLIUS, with his childhood friend Derek DaCosta and released two albums over the course of three years. The duo toured frequently and have performed in over 15 countries worldwide independently. In 2014, MAGNOLIUS came to a halt and Shan began writing as a solo artist for the first time in his career. In 2015, Shan connected with Toronto based artist Coleman Hell, producer La+ch, artist Mad Dog Jones and became a member of the sideways crew. The same year, he became a father and decided to forego touring altogether to focus on his daughter and writing his solo debut. Since then he has released multiple solo projects as well as collaborative albums (Kothu Boys). His newest album “Made in Jaffna” speaks on his family’s journey to Toronto, his place in the artistic culture, his divorce, fatherhood, and the experience of the Eelam Tamil community.