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Zahra Amiruddin

Zahra Amiruddin is an independent writer, photographer, and educator based in Bombay. After studying photography, art history, and theatre at the Aegean Centre for the Fine Arts, in Paros, Greece, she’s worked and contributed to various publications such as The Conde Nast Traveller India, The National Geographic Traveller India, Time Out India, The Hindu, First Post, Elle, Scroll, and Soup amongst others. Apart from teaching photography workshops at colleges and cultural festivals, her main areas of interest include art, history, astronomy, personal narratives, and family histories. Her greatest thrill has been assisting Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York during his trip to India, and working with a team of NASA scientists at the Lonar Crater in Maharashtra. When she’s not chasing after pockets full of light, she practices conjuring the perfect patronus in her free time.