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edition II – series: movement | G5A forum X est. form


A Creative Collective Where Fine Art, Fashion & Dance Interact & Engage

Est. Form in collaboration with G5A Forum brings you a visual story of Movement; expressed through painting, design, and dance. A creative journey that traversed the globe during these isolating times, Edition II – Series: Movement, brings in multiple voices across three creative disciplines for a radical and immersive conversation about texture.

G5A Forum is excited to collaborate with these exceptional artists by creating a visual narrative for Edition II and hosting the exhibition on the G5A Website. You can watch the story unravel on our digital platforms. The launch will be followed by an intimate conversation with the artists about their process of co-creation and response, delving into the nature of their practice, moving beyond the medium to understand the context in response to the city and the world. 

We will examine the significance of collaborative, multidisciplinary practices and the virtues of engaging with materials in isolation as a jumping-off point to creation/innovation.

Co-Launch of Online Exhibition

Date: July 31, 2020, to Aug 23, 2020 

Launch platform: G5A Foundation For Contemporary Culture & Est. Form 

Web Links:  https://g5afoundation.org/culture/culture/culture  + https://www.estform.com

For updates follow us on Instagram: @g5afoundation + @est.form

Date: August 02, 2020

Time: 18:00 (TBD)

Registration Details: g5a.org/calendar (passes coming soon!)

For further questions, please reach us at: info@g5a.org


Edition II – Series: Movement
A series, stoked with the desire to build an appreciation for MOVEMENT. The story of this collaboration began with one painting. With Edition II, Est. Form has four co-creators, representing the disciplines of fine art, fashion and dance. Engaging with movement in unusual ways, movement is expressed conceptually in the lexicon of each creative, through the visual vibrancy of fine art, creative language of fashion and profound expression of dance – captured in image, video and words.


The Artists/Collaborators

Artist: Oona D’mello 

Oona D’mello is the artist & artistic director for this Edition II – Series titled : Movement. With an educational background from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, she is a represented visual artist, exhibited globally for over a decade, an entrepreneur, and driving conversations around collaboration, art in its many forms. Her two creations in textile art for this edition, challenge the notion of art existing on a wall alone. Oona believes that art has the ability and must strive to ‘Exist Everywhere’, creating deeper and wider engagement from the world. The work of this artist was the starting point and has set in motion the work and creations of all other collaborators.

Designer: House of Sohn 

Post her education from top universities, House of Sohn Founder, Sohni Patel found her hands-on training at the ateliers of Nanette Lepore, Marchesa and Duro Olowu in New York. In this Edition, the designer uses Oona’s original textile artworks, designs and physically integrates them into House of Sohn designs. These pieces are limited edition and bespoke. 

Ballerina: Pia Sutaria
Pia Sutaria, trained in ballet for 18 years, has performed across the globe with Navdhara (India’s premier dance Theater Company), has also performed at opening acts for Miss Universe and other prestigious platforms. Pia has created a piece, dancing with an original artwork by Artist, Oona D’mello (artwork, titled “Reds”) where Pia explores the bounds of interacting with art through, engaging on a silent and creative scale.

Ballerina: Olga Malinovskaya

Olga Malinovskaya has danced for the reputed Boston ballet and now resides in Monte Carlo, France. Inspired by unusual collaborations, Olga created an improv piece, titled “Blackbird” , in response to a Wearable Art Jacket (by Artist, Oona D’mello & Designer, House of Sohn). It is critical to note that this piece was created in lockdown by the dancer, in virtual communication with her collaborators.

Shivin and Sunny (Filmmakers), Sasha Pushkin (Composer) and Maqta Music (Composer) have all also played a critical role in building Edition II – Series: ‘Movement’.

Shivin & Sunny

Brothers Shivin and Sunny are a writer/ director team based between Mumbai and Los Angeles.

Known for their award-winning narrative short films, the brothers are focused on telling human stories in hyper-stylised worlds. The duo has spent the last 5 years working independently and crafting stories that stand for their feminist & LGBTQIA+ beliefs.

Sasha Pushkin

Sasha is a  composer, pianist, improviser, singer and concept – creator, he works in the fields of, improvised, contemporary and new music, world, jazz, electronic, rock using elements of industrial, avant-garde, classic and more. He has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that involves collaborations in the fields of modern dance, multimedia, and literature. He is the creator of his own musical doctrine, called “Exprovisation”.

Maqta Music

‘Maqta’ is Sarthak Karkare’s solo project  which combines his love for hindi and urdu poetry with diverse genres of music, exploring unconventional ways of making these beautiful languages palatable for all listeners.

About Est. Form:

Est. Form launched in Mumbai on December 14th, 2019  (The Stands) & a subsequent exhibition at Method Art Space (Kala Ghoda) where they launched a series of textile paintings by Artist, Oona D’mello, Urban wear by Designer, House of Sohn and an inspired line of ‘Wearable Art’; a unique union of art and clothing, where original paintings were sewn into garments. This body of work was inspired by the distinct textile art created by Artist, Oona D’mello, Designer, House of Sohn’s experiential creations, and the possibility for interdisciplinary collaborations to take place and thrive.

About G5A Forum

G5A Forum is the curatorial element of G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture that curates, co-creates, and produces multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work that is bold, experimental, and just. We bring arts practitioners to explore and create, and strongly support and encourage original practices that are grounded in form, theory, and practice. The G5A Exhibition Series, brings together artists and practitioners whose work diverges significantly from what is considered mainstream, conventional art practice.

Hourly Schedule

Friday | July 31

Time TBD
Exhibition Launch on g5a.org

Sunday | August 02

Time TBD
Webinar: In Conversation with the Artists
Passes on Insider.in


Aug 02 2020


6:30 pm

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