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Happy Endings | Directed by Ujjwal Kumar

Happy Endings | Directed by Ujjwal Kumar

Happy Endings presents a humorous take on the fear of death, highlighting how we tend to overthink it due to its unpredictable nature and the constant sources feeding us fear. The narrative portrays death in a unique light, categorising it as a driving force for sustainable mental health. Each character grapples with their own fears and dilemmas, yet their ultimate pursuit is for love, a fulfilling life, and the prospect of happy endings. Whether they attain these desires remains uncertain.


About the Director

Ujjwal Kumar graduated from NSD in 2017 with a specialisation in Theatre Techniques and Design. He initiated his theatre journey in Madhepura, Bihar and collaborated with eminent theatre personalities like Bansi Kaul, Sophia Steph, Neil fraser, Deepan Sivaraman, Anirudh Khutwad, Neelam Man Singh, Abdul Latif Khatana, Vidushi Rita Ganguly, and Tripurari Sharma, exploring various facets of theatre forms.

He directed notable productions including ‘Swan Song’ by Anton Chekhov, ‘Happy Endings’ by Margaret Atwood, and ‘Man Manaa Square.’ Man Mana Square has been premiered at Prithvi theatre Mumbai. Ujjwal actively conducts workshops and currently operates as a freelance Actor, Director, and Designer.



Zahid Khaan
Aatma Prakash Mishra
Archana Mishra
Kruti Saxena
Abhinav Lucky Pateriya
Ayra Upadhyay
Shivani Kashyap
Yogesh upadhyay


Ruturaj Bhosle


Oct 13 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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