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INHERITAGE by Preethi Athreya | A Performance Installation

INHERITAGE, conceived and created by choreographer Preethi Athreya, is a performance installation that traces a relationship with objects inherited, passed on or lost.Through a choreographic lens, it looks at objects that speak to a cultural and colonial heritage, embodying critical questions of our attachment to ‘belongings’, to the idea of ‘belonging’ and to place. The installation presents a personal collection of thirteen objects inherited, owned, acquired or lost to bring out a history of their transactions beyond ownership, origin and identity.How can the act of looking, touching or holding these objects be a way to ‘read’ them? The objects are displayed as photographic images. Scan the QR codes on each image to listen to an account of their journeys. These writings, in turn, find their way into the body in a dance film that accompanies the images. Interrupting this assembly of image, sound and film is a periodical live movement that punctuates the tableau.

Presented by Prakriti Foundation in association with G5A.

INHERITAGE was produced by the CHARCOAL platform for collaboration with support from Prakriti Foundation and the Alliance Française of Madras.




Nov 08 - 10 2023


7:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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