Copy of Q For Curiosity Season #02 | Music and Memes RERUN

Copy of Q For Curiosity Season #02 | Music and Memes RERUN

What if quizzing wasn’t competitive, but conversational?
What if it didn’t depend on what you knew, but what you could figure out?
What if the takeaway wasn’t the cool prizes* you won, but that you learnt something interesting and new?

In a nutshell, that’s exactly what Q for Curiosity is – an attempt to encourage the connecting of dots, together. The second season is back with more questions, more topics, more of everything, really. The only thing that remains the same is what we asked of you last time around: bring your own curiosity!

Our topics range from the everyday, the eclectic and the esoteric. This month’s theme is MUSIC and MEMES. Why yes, we do have a thing for alliteration. Served fresh by Yooti Bhansali, every first Sunday of the month!

If you miss the first one – not to worry, we have a RERUN of the same quiz on the last Friday of the month!

The way we see it, quizzing is just a form of conversation. A friendly, stimulating conversation. In Q for Curiosity’s last season alone we spoke about felines, stationery, buttons, Pride and even…shampoo. What could there possibly be to talk about? You’d be surprised.

*not to say there aren’t cool prizes because THERE ARE

We are excited to have our friends at the Moonshine Meadery come on board as the series partners! They’ll be supplying their delicious meads, and the lucky ones can win some complimentary pints along with some very exciting merch!


Dec 27 2019


7:00 pm



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