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Exploring ourselves and our world through the arts

Through ARTshala, we facilitate a value based, sustainable cultural shift within the communities we engage with. With a primary focus on key stakeholders – women, youth and children – ARTshala comprises of a series of workshops, dialogues and art based activities with community members to create a space for self exploration, expression and taking collective action on critical community issues. Employing a range of art based tools (theatre and applied theatre, music, photography, sketching and upcycling crafts) we will work with the community towards awareness of the self, neighbourhood and their place in society – thereby building inspired, confident and empowered individuals who will participate in social action for the development of their neighbourhood.

Socio-emotional wellbeing


Taking forward the ethos of ARTshala we also envision a safe space for adolescents, youth and women in the community – a space that is often not available within the daily turmoils of life. We create such spaces to enhance the physical and socio-emotional wellbeing of participants through arts based trainings delivered by experts, as well as other meditative practices through an engagement with creative practice. Thus, we will collectively build a community that is not only culturally and creatively engaged, but also resilient and self-aware, contributing to the sustainable health and well-being of the community as a whole.

Sustainable Livelihoods


Keeping in mind the long term need for economic empowerment and sustainable employment within the community, our aim is to use arts focused strategies for vocational training and skilling programs. These programs work on developing core competencies and tangible skills in areas like urban farming, financial literacy, craft-making, quilting, and up-cycling, story-telling etc. through local workshops. This will ensure that through and post the program, residents of the community have built their capacities to elevate their aspirations and standard of living and have ample livelihood opportunities to build a bright future.

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