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source material

Aditi Ramesh Ensemble LIVE at the Black Box

Aditi Ramesh Ensemble LIVE at the Black Box | December 2019

A special performance where Aditi Ramesh presented to us a tribute to the inspirations and influences that shape her sound. She explored her “source material” through a sound and visual collage of her current and ongoing understandings and musings. Each track was accompanied by a water color painting by Aditi – a personal, visual representation of the sound and emotion that she experienced through synesthesia (a condition in which one experiences sound/music through visuals).

Can you guess which track the following paintings correspond to?

The Indie Music scene today, is extremely vibrant and innovative and so we’re very excited to be dedicating one day every month to feature a strong line-up of indie acts – both Indian and international. We’ve put together a round-up of all the fabulous live indie sets that featured at the Black Box this Season, for your listening pleasure. Keep coming back every month!