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in conversation with Resh Susan

An Arts Practice Interview Series
in conversation with Resh Susan

What discipline, other than your own, do you draw most from?

I love the visual form—photography, book cover designs, and illustrations. Admiring an image or an illustration process sparks creativity and conjures so many new ideas. Often an idea that might have nothing to do with the art or theme slowly takes form in my head. Inspiration is everywhere and often in the most dilute form, it nudges you forward.

What do you enjoy most about the process of creating new work and what recurring challenges do you encounter?

I love the learning process. Each piece you create, however imperfect it may be, is a stepping stone. A large part of this learning occurs without deliberation. I find it exciting that we evolve without even realising it.

How do you feel the arts ecosystem can/should evolve in the city?

No ecosystem can evolve without freedom. Artists should be free to express their views through their work. Fear mongering, censorship of ideas, and deliberate measures that hinder expression have no place in a society that supports art. One can agree or disagree with an opinion, but not censor it. It is only when different ideas and thought processes intersect that we can have true progress. Needless to say, financial freedom is a big factor in the growth of an artist/writer. Pay fairly, and create more paid opportunities for local artists.