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G5A forum properties

Performance Long Runs

Performance Long Runs are carefully curated and co-produced multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary performances. G5A brings together artists and art practitioners both local and international, to showcase performances that are grounded in values and vision and are the result of deep and intensive study. 

Every piece created needs its own time to unfold, evolve and adapt, and needs its own space to grow and take form. Therefore it is crucial for the creators and performers to let their work breathe in its performance space. Through immersive rehearsals with a strong emphasis on process, we provide opportunities for the piece to develop and evolve from the first rehearsal all the way through till the final public performances. 

This practice pushes the creators, performers, and artists to take their work beyond its limits, to interpretations and expeditions that are often unseen and unplanned, thereby intensifying their passion, reinforcing their courage, and strengthening their practice. As a platform for artistic practice, this allows us to continue to push the boundaries and reinforce and support a new and emerging arts ecosystem.

Visit our Calendar to have a look at our past programs.

Indie Music Thursdays

Independent art, with all its disciplines, while being on the margins, has always been a resilient and fertile ground for dialogue and debate, innovation and ideological courage, and provides an alternate voice in a mainstream-dominated landscape. It has also provided essential fodder for the mainstream art industry.  

The G5A mission therefore strongly supports and encourages independent art practice. The Indie Music scene today, is extremely vibrant and innovative and so we’re very excited to be dedicating one day every month that will feature a strong line-up of acts both Indian and international.

Find a compilation of our past gigs here.

Table Reads

We brings together actors, directors, script writers, producers, and crew to Table Reads with an aim to focus on the process of bringing a script to production and thereby build rigour in practice and enhance the understanding of the craft with regards to theatre productions. 

Each script lends itself to a unique discussion ranging from reflections around the text, to the interpretation of the characters, to its sociocultural context, to concepts of adaptation of the script, and more.

The readings are followed by discussions that help enhance understanding of the process to both, creators/presenters and audiences. The conversation deepens with exploring the potential of spaces it can be performed at, particularly the Black Box, inviting theatre practitioners to reimagine how they would approach each piece. These are designed specifically for practising artists and professionals to encourage experimentation, innovation, and excellence in theatre.

The Things We Carry

At G5A, we believe in the power of stories! 

Stories help us perceive the world around us, make meaning of our personal and collective struggles, and celebrate our journeys. They document narratives of each generation, waiting to be shared by generations that follow. 

Literary artists have taken us to enchanting worlds through their stories, and given us precious glimpses into lives and journeys that encourage courage and compassion, hope and faith, and empathy and resilience. G5A forum carefully revisits stories written by contemporary Indian writers who have captured not only our imagination but have also made visible stories from subaltern realities of our history, eloquently representing diverse voices and traditions.  

These stories will be narrated  by a select group of artists who are able to connect with these stories in a powerful and unique way and in turn capture not only the spirit of the story, but also breathe life into the words as never before. 

The stories will be performed and produced at the G5A Black Box during the season and shared on various digital platforms.

Morning Riyaaz

Riyaaz – the discipline of rigorous practice and an engagement with the self. A process where the artist, deeply lost in refining every note and the silences in between, hopes to also sense the abstract and the subtle. Through performances and conversations, G5A forum’s Morning Riyaaz brings back the relevance of pre-dawn discipline and rigor as well as helps us in understanding the nuances and importance of the practice.

Morning raagas have the quality of the first bloom; the slow start of a new experience. The ideas range from a call to the divine, to a beloved, or even a yearning. The compositions are often meant to rouse the gods themselves, describe Shiva in all his rough-hewn glory, or offer gratitude for the passing of the night and the coming of another dawn.

These morning concerts are designed specially for practising musicians to highlight the importance of practice and experimentation.

One Take

One Take is an interview series where we seek to peer into the minds of artists through contemplative questions about their practice, discipline, and journey.

Through this series, we endeavour to foster dialogue and engagement with arts practitioners from diverse backgrounds, and offer our audiences a glimpse into their respective processes and perspectives.

One Takeover

One Takeover is a series that gives us inside access to the lives and minds of artists and allows us to intimately engage with their artistic process. Practising artists from our community takeover our Instagram account for a day to share their work: in-progress pieces, new projects, processes and struggles behind creating works, and perhaps even initial ideas.

Through this we aim to foster connections and dialogue; as well as encourage the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Through intimate photographs, videos, diary scribbles, anecdotes, and stories, artists share fascinating details of their processes, approaches, and experiences; and how all this contributes toward fuelling their artistic endeavours.

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