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imprint submissions

Submission Guidelines

G5A imprint encourages contributions from writers and artists across all mediums of contemporary art.
We believe great stories are everywhere, and we can’t wait to share them, uncensored. 

Do go through our submission guidelines before submitting a piece to us:

  • We only accept original and previously unpublished work. This includes print or digital publication (including social media). However, the work need not be new, we are open to labours of love that remain unpublished, waiting for the right home.
  • We accept submissions across 4 broad sections, viz., Text, Image, Sound, and Video.
    • Text: we publish diverse formats – essays (long/short form), opinion pieces, poetry, fiction, scripts, non-fiction, and more.
    • Image: we publish photo essays, visual art, illustrations, and more. Submissions must include a concept note which offers an insight or narrative of the piece.
    • Sound: we publish explorations in sound – this includes soundscapes, sound experiments, playlists, and more.
    • Video: we publish explorations in video – this includes short pieces of film, animation, stop motion, and more.
  • We encourage submissions in diverse languages, however the time required to review these pieces will be dependent on the language in question.
  • To familiarize yourself with our sections and the work we do, please see our previously published pieces.
  • All contributors to G5A imprint will be duly compensated. 

We only accept submissions through the form below and will only accept one submission per person, at the moment. The first one received will be considered.

Please note that while we read every submission, we are unable to respond to each one.