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a note from the editor 03

by Ishan Benegal, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 3

fluid | movement | kinetic

a note from the editor 03

A note from the editor

‘And I find it goes around like the hands that keep countin’ the time
Drawin’ circles’

– Mac Miller

It seems rather strange to be at a beginning given the current circumstances. There is solace to be had here, even though it feels as though the overwhelming emotion that is running rampant is that of regression, that of going backwards, that of being stalled. But perhaps it’s yet another indication that our perception of the linearity of time needs to be questioned. Perhaps there isn’t forwards or backwards, but instead only around. Just as the sun rises and sets, and we rise and fall to sleep, perhaps it is the circles we need to focus on, and take interest in. Not the pointed, jagged, and definitive starts and stops, but events flowing into one another, on a repeated cycle. Like the comfort of your favourite song, playing over and over again, on loop. Like your breath, flowing in and flowing out: grounding you, holding you steady, guiding you in times of instability.

With the beginning of our third Volume, we come full circle once more. The emotions and conversations feel new, and yet we are more comfortable in ourselves as we experience them again. This is the merit of our repeated actions, third time’s the charm. And we’re eager for the fourth and the fifth – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

This circle needs to be resolved first.

And we’re excited for you to experience it.

Welcome to Volume 3.

Ishan Benegal