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a note from the editor 01

by Ishan Benegal, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 1

shapes | edges | contours

a note from the editor 01

A note from the Editor

Beginnings are usually awkward, intimidating, and uncertain. 

We are often told that it’s either your best foot forward – or none at all. So that’s how we’ve come to view beginnings, whether big or small. But in reality, what is most crucial is simply to begin. Any start is a good start.

Looking back to almost five years ago, to the inception of G5A, emotions ran riot – the pit in the stomach, the rush of adrenaline. All laced with hope. Today, there is another crucial one added to that heady mix: joy. Of sharing work that is sensual, beautiful, and moving.

Over the years, G5A has had many firsts: shows, partnerships, and the first of many friendships and conversations. And now we are ready for more!

With Imprint, our hope and intent is to create a space that allows for stillness – to reflect, express, and share. The backdrop of a pandemic is certainly a very singular moment to be on the threshold of an independent publication, but we felt this was, in fact, the perfect time to do exactly that.

We have always believed in the idea that stories connect us, guide us, and hold us up. There is no better time to tell these stories than now!

Welcome to G5A imprint! 

Ishan Benegal