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Cinema House | Borders | Follower by Harshad Nalawade 🗓


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Set in Belgaum, a small town riddled with territorial disputes between two linguistic communities, Raghu, a radicalized journalist, works for an online media that acts as a mouthpiece of an extremist leader. Raghu is strongly influenced with the leader’s words and believes that his community has been wronged. But when the line between his professional and personal life starts blurring, and Raghu is faced with some inconvenient truths, he chooses to be in denial and acts impulsively. Causing a deathly consequence, that makes him reflect back on a simpler time. A time when he was not a radicalized young gun, but a man who had not yet succumbed to the identity crisis perpetuated by a divided society.

In a country where the society is constantly fighting on the lines of language religion and community among other things, Follower by Harshad Nalawade is an important film to catch.

Join us at the warehouse for the screening, which will be followed by a post-conversation session with the film team.


17 February, Saturday

13:00 Follower by Harshad Nalawade

16:30 Maagh (The Winter Within) by Aamir Bashir

19:30 Kayo Kayo Colour? (Which Colour?) by Shahrukhkhan Chavada

18 February, Sunday

12:00 Rapture (Rimdogittanga) by Dominic Sangma

15:00 Sthalpuran (Chronicle of Space) by Akshay Indikar

18:00 Tora’s Husband by Rima Das





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