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Family by Don Palathara ūüóď


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Family by Don Palathara

Sony, a catholic man in his late twenties from rural central Kerala, comes across as a do-gooder and

a well-wisher at the first glimpse. However, lurking behind his public persona is a different character.

Even as some of his family members become aware of his deeds, they are silenced by the system,

which mindfully and actively protects men, their delinquencies, and secrets. The family thus

becomes a sturdy closet, where skeletons of the past are kept unknown and unseen by the world

outside. The film tries to understand how the family system operates like mafia when it comes to the

crimes from within.


The screening will be followed by a conversation. 


Intimate Portraits 


November’s Cinema House is a weekend celebrating the intimate portraits and diverse narratives of Regional Indian Cinema, breaking away from conventional notions and offering an alternative perspective on the complexities of being and belonging.



Saturday, November 18, 2023

 12:00 PM | Pedro by Natesh Hegde

 15:00 PM | Seventeeners  by Prithvi Konanur

 18:00 PM | The Road to Kuthriyar by Bharat Mirle


Sunday, November 19, 2023

 12:00 PM |  Nasir by Arun Karthick

 15:00 PM | Family by Don Palathara

 18:00 PM |  Chithha by  S. U. Arun Kumar






G5A presents Cinema House: an opportunity to celebrate the experience of collective film viewing. For one weekend a month, our black box theatre transforms into a single-screen theatre dedicated to independent, regional, and contemporary cinema.