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Premiere | Stilling by Padmini Chettur | In Residence 🗓


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G5A forum presents:
STILLING by Padmini Chettur | In Residence
Co-produced by G5A forum and BNP Paribas
In association with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

There is a particular stillness produced at the meeting of two counter rotational movements – those which draw arcs around the body’s vertical axis. It is a stillness that contains both beginning and end. Producing a circular time. A stillness of imperceptible oscillation, a place where contradiction is contained rather than dissolved. STILLING is an attempt to create a series of pathways, organizing and re-organizing duality in search of their edge. 10 dancers begin with short studies – as though proposing not only the alphabet, but the choreographic rules as well. They continue to build upon this foundation with almost algebraic precision, producing a complex and dense vocabulary of contradictions. As the performers navigate the material, they are forced to be disjointed and inter-connected at the same time, inviting us to almost stop remaining witness to an unfolding spectacle, rather to be drawn into the interiority of the counter – a place of disquiet – STILLING.


April 04 and 05
18:00 – 20:00 – Workshop

April 10
18:00 – Open Rehearsal
20:30 – In Conversation with Padmini Chettur and Shanti Pillai

April 13
17:30 – Premiere
20:30 – Show 02

April 14
17:30 – Show 03
20:30 – Show 04

Creative Credits:

Choreography | Padmini Chettur
Music | Maarten Visser
Dancers | Anoushka Kurien
Madhushree Basu
Ramya Shanmugan
Aarabi Veeraraghavan
Sravanthi Vakkalanka
Pradeep Gupta
Tushti Aravind
Priyakshi Agarwal
Revati Shah
Masoom Parmar

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