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the cityLAB process

At cityLAB we are captivated with the idea of Creative Placemaking to build a process model that helps revitalize communities and neighborhoods and ensures ‘a culturally vibrant society that enables dignity for all in a city that works’. 

Creative Placemaking Process Model

The cityLAB creative placemaking model builds upon the existing structures within the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), as a ground up process to involve Citizens, improve Amenities and Services through inclusive and participatory governance, and enhance Tourism and livelihood possibilities. 


  • We encourage communities to form as many Advanced Locality Management teams (ALMs) as possible to build an active network of community that encourages proactive citizenry. 
  • We enable citizens to share their feedback, voice opinions & grievances, and to collectively find solutions within the neighborhood, through our interactive community dashboard which will hold easily accessible information and documentation regarding the precinct and its communities.
  • Through our grassroots initiative, My Neighborhood, My Responsibility, we bring together local residents, the MCGM, various stakeholders, and local as well as international domain experts and institutions, to enable taking collective ownership, working together and collating shared aspirations. 
  • By inviting creative professionals to work together with the local community of  G South ward, we are hoping to enhance the possibility of these communities moving to the precinct to work and/or stay. This in turn will boost economic, social and cultural indices and build a national and global presence for G South Ward.
  • We create a process framework and flexible modular designs for community centers in the ward, to empower local communities (with a special focus on women, youth, and children), with skills and educational support.  The community centers cater to the customised needs of the neighborhood ranging across arts based workshops, livelihoods training, mental health support, vocational guidance, and skill development.
  • G5A cityLAB will also host a Legacy Center for the G South Ward, working towards recreating the experiences of the past, through technology and design, designing and curating heritage walks, virtual tours. Another exciting project will be to establish in collaboration with the local residents and artists,  newer landmarks that tell stories of people and places that otherwise remain invisible.

Think Tank

The Think Tank at cityLAB is a space for conversations, research, documentation and publication, bringing the best minds together to create process models for resilient, creative, and compassionate neighborhoods. We also document and publish material on the model site and its various initiatives.

Model Site

Currently, we continue our work at G South Ward, applying the above framework of activating the ALM structure, building a Dashboard, proposing the Community Center initiative, and of course work at our legacy sites: Worli Koliwada and Shakti Mills Lane.