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zero period

Taking inspiration from the zero show and the zero periods we had in school, we would like to dedicate a time in the year for experimentation and exploration. We are strong proponents of rigour and riyaaz; we know that it takes hard work, long hours, and many, many iterations in order to create something we can all be proud of. We also believe in the power of collaboration and working together in an environment that is safe, patient, and encouraging.

Therefore, during the monsoon months of the Bombay year, we will be taking a step back from having public showings at the G5A Black Box and reserve it for rehearsals of all kinds: the beginnings of a performance, the final few touches before the grand opening, or to take a piece further with some on-the-floor devising.

We hope this practice becomes a positive impulse for our artistic community and becomes a much awaited tradition in the years to come.

Given that this will be the first year of the Zero Period, we will continue to program during this time, a few select programs that are part of a regular series. Over the course of a few years we hope that the need for this dedicated rehearsal time grows to a point where the Zero Periodcalendar remains uninterrupted.

We’re really excited about this and hope you are too! We can’t wait to get it going.

If you’d like to reserve the space, write to us 
with the subject “G5A Zero Period” with details
such as your preferred duration for rehearsals:
hours, days, etc. and we’ll get back to you
with more information.