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projects|process: season 2 | repetition

Projects | Process: Season 02 was launched in October 2019. Now a part of G5A academy, the series of sessions features artists, performers, theatre makers, designers, and more talking about the significance of process and its relevance to project-making in contemporary India, through insights into the development of one piece of their work.

Our first month featured Enkore, Shoeb Mashadi, and Poorna Swami as they discussed their work through the lens of Repetition. Stay tuned for the next two videos this month, every Wednesday at 6:00 PM IST. Each month will feature a new theme, with 3 speakers – do subscribe on YouTube to get notified!

Enkore a.k.a Ankur Johar is known for his soulful Indian rap in English and Hindi. As someone who was adamant that his 9 to 5 does not define him, his orientation towards sharing his music started as a way to reclaim himself. In our first theme REPETITION for Projects | Process, Enkore delves into his inspirations and explorations as he shares the process behind debut album “Bombay Soul” – sharing his take on life and his practice, real and unfiltered.

Poorna Swami is a choreographer, writer, and poet. Her performance works have shown both in India and the US, at 1 Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery, Chatterjee & Lal, TIFA Working Studios, Serendipity Arts Festival, and at the G5A Performance Long Runs. In our first theme REPETITION for Projects | Process, Poorna talks about the need for, and the effect of repetition in her performance work – The Long and Short of It. Her deep obsession and inquiry into form and vocabulary across the three disciplines, pushes her to imagine and create possibilities and experiences that are rare as they are evocative.

Shoeb Mashadi is a Fashion and Fine Art Photographer from Mumbai. He takes us on his journey through multiple projects, and finding his own style and voice through the lens. His search for intimate moments and capturing human intention and interaction strongly defines his photography.