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our hosts discuss Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni’s Deool

“Are religion and science two opposites or are they really two sides of the same coin?”

Deool’s story takes us on a long and winding road where it presents the viewer with various points of view on one main idea: tradition versus modernity. The film asks us what defines progress and how does one go about pursuing it. The chosen lens through which this is done is through that of a rural village in Maharashtra, India.

Marathi director and producer Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni had earned himself a law degree before turning to film in 2000. His films have won both national and international acclaim for their nuanced and authentic portrayal of Indian life, and the geo-political and emotional themes that affect his protagonists.

Virtual Cinema Club

Cinema touches our lives intimately and profoundly. It can shape our ideas, thoughts, and values. It also has the power to change our ways of seeing and thinking. Cinema and the moving image is central to our lives even more today than ever before.

This is the language of cinema and we are here to talk about it.

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Our hosts Ishan Benegal (Associate Artistic Director, G5A) and Neeraj Jain (Cinematographer) have curated a viewing experience with directors from across the globe! We started off in the East and have now made our way home to India, where we will be exploring diverse, contemporary voices from the subcontinent’s rich cinematic landscape.