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Amiya Hisham

Amiya Hisham is an architect by training, with interests in art, language, history and ecology. She received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Kerala in 2016. Soon after as Assistant Professor, she taught Theory of Design and History of Architecture at the Avani Institute of Design, Kozhikode. She has worked as an architect at Environmental Creations, led by Ar. T.M. Cyriac where she led the research and documentation projects of the firm. As the co-convener of the pilot edition of the Kerala Architecture Festival 2019, organized by DC Books she worked with artists, authors, designers and filmmakers to curate panel discussions to raise important questions on design, culture and politics in Kerala. She has also written for publishing platforms such as Sahapedia, Current Conservation and Scale Qatar. Recently her short fiction has been long-listed under the 20 Under 30 call for young South Asian writers by The Bombay Review.  Currently she lives in Paris, pursuing an MA in Film at the University of Kent, where she hopes to discover new ways to channel her interests in visual and text mediums.