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LOJAL (pronounced Loyaal) is the musical brainchild of Martin J. Haokip – a musical connoisseur of an artiste born in Manipur, India.

Singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and musician – Lojal is a fine example of pushing bars and boundaries when it comes to his art.

Apart from performing at festivals – Lojal has six national tours, a critically acclaimed debut album “Phase” which got dubbed the BEST DEBUT ALBUM award 2020, India (AHH) and the BEST MALE VOCALIST, 2021 (IMA) and mentions from Rolling Stones India, Wild City, Homegrown, etc.

The poignancy and emotional weight in his songwriting reels you into a live show; taking you on a sonic journey that peaks and troughs like a raging river; leaving you with the unshakable feeling that you’re witnessing something rare and magical.