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Shubham Aggarwal

A small room of a three-storied apartment in the eastern parts of Delhi. Ill-lit with patches of dark blue and grey all around. It’s mostly still, with loopy movements here and there, screaming of a lo-fi music video. It’s where Shubham grew up and spent most of his time finding a better-looking world inside his computer. His love for design is accidental but whole-hearted and was born out of multiple small dark rooms over the years.

Today, with a keen interest in dots, lines, shapes, experimental typography, printmaking, and music videos, he likes to find ways of making this world a better and better-looking place. His visuals oscillate between generative shapes/textures and fluid structures, and like to explore the relationships between sound, image, and movement, creating multi-dimensional experiences.

He spends almost all of his time calculating his moves to become a fantasy football legend, but sometimes takes on projects involving design and visual direction.