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Climate School | Lesson One: Emissions and Electricity 101

Climate School | Lesson One: Emissions and Electricity 101

XR Mumbai in association with G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture invites you to join Climate School: Lesson One: Emissions and Electricity 101.

Climate School is a global multi-media platform, oriented primarily towards journalists, influencers, climate campaigners and students who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Earth’s systems respond to climatic changes.

Each lesson is constructed with a general component and a section with country-specific relevance. Our goal is to help you quickly understand that which you want to but may not have the time to research thoroughly. We will take you step-by-step through the Climate Change issue, within the context of how it affects our civilization. To begin with, we will set the base for you, bringing you to a point where you can mentally map the various variables of this complex system.

If there is anything you wish to look into but lack the resources, let us know and we will bring you relevant subject matter experts from around the world to guide you.

LESSON ONE: Emissions and Electricity 101

Date: Tuesday, 21.01.2020

Time: 8:15am-1:30pm


Mr. Sagar Dhara (SAPACC & Ecologise)
Mr. Kasyap Dalal (Director Tech. Solar)
Mr. Nikhil Vedprakash (Electricity Trader & Consultant)


The Science (Carbon Footprints & Life-cycle emissions)
Existing Policy in India
What impedes mitigation in India
What impedes adaptation in India
Best practices

Since seats are limited, please register to let us know you will be joining us.

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Students & Campaigners Register Here:



Jan 21 2020


8:00 am


G-5/A, Laxmi Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalakshmi West, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

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