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Oddly Enough Nº3: On Climate Change

Oddly Enough Nº3: On Climate Change

Presenting — the third edition of Oddly Enough, a series by Paper Planes.

Design shapes our lives in ways we may not notice on an everyday basis. It’s the little things — that go a long, long way — that we want to pause and pay attention to. Oddly Enough is a celebration of the many ways in which design intersects with our daily lives.

Today, the world around us is changing, and a climate crisis is rapidly unfolding. The temperature and the waters are both rising, and all signs point to a grim future. But instead of despair, perhaps design can lend its hand for a more fruitful outcome. With Oddly Enough Nº3, in association with the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Paper Planes is looking at how design can respond to climate change.

Undoubtedly, much of what has contributed to the worsening climate has been propelled by forms of design. But design can also offer solutions — in the form of sustainable architecture, innovative ideas, or spreading awareness. We’re discussing these design-driven possibilities for a more hopeful future.

The panel comprises experts equipped to think about what design can do for climate change, whether through education and awareness, through research, or through architecture. We have Bijal Vachharajani, a children’s book author and editor at Pratham Books, Ayush Chauhan, who is co-founder of Quicksand, a design research and innovation studio, and Kapil Gupta, co-founder of Serie Architects and principal architect at Serie Mumbai.


The panel discussion will be followed by a mixer, co-hosted with Moonshine Meadery.

Children’s Book Author, and Editor, Pratham Books
When Bijal Vachharajani is not reading Harry Potter, she is Editor Scissorhands at Pratham Books where she dreams up picture books. A journalist, Bijal writes children’s books about the environment, including A Cloud Called Bhura and So You Want to Know About the Environment. The former editor of Time Out Bengaluru, Bijal has worked with 350.org, Fairtrade, Humane Society International India and Sanctuary Asia. She has a Masters in Environment Security and Peace from the University of Peace in Costa Rica, and is now a certified climate worrier. Read more here.

Co-Founder, Quicksand
Ayush Chauhan is one of the co-founders of Quicksand, an interdisciplinary consultancy that facilitates the creation of meaningful experiences through design research and innovation. Ayush leads the studio in new business, strategy and project management. He is a strong advocate for transformative roles for design within public policy, international development, social enterprise and innovation, for which he was also granted the prestigious Yale World Fellowship in 2012. Read more here.

Co-Founder, Serie Architects, and Principal, Serie Mumbai
Founded in 2006 by Christopher Lee in London and Kapil Gupta in Mumbai, India, Serie maintains offices in London, Mumbai, Singapore and Beijing. Serie is an international practice specialising in architecture, urban design and research on the city. Their approach to design includes an emphasis on rigorous geometry and the innovative use of materials, complemented by a meticulous and inventive approach to construction. Recently completed works include a 1,200sqm pavilion for BMW at the 2012 Olympic Pavilion won in an international competition, the Jameel Art Center in Dubai completed in October 2018, and a new net-zero energy School of Design and Environment for the National University of Singapore School of Architecture in January 2019. Read more here.


Aug 23 2019


7:00 pm



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