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From "I" to "A" by Eleven Movements: a performance & Dear Sofia: a screening

From “I” to “A” by Eleven Movements: a performance & Dear Sofia: a screening

From “I” to “A” by Eleven Movements & ‘Dear Sofia’: a screening
at the Black Box, G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

Stefano Fardelli Dance Company X Parth Bharadwaj, present a contemporary dance piece From “I” to “A” by Eleven Movements. The shows will end with the screening of the video dance project DEAR SOFIA.

Directed and choreographed by Stefano Fardelli for Stefano Fardelli Dance Project.
Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Mumbai. 

Saturday & Sunday | January 11 and 12, 2020 | 6 :00 pm and 8:00 pm

The creation of this project has been commissioned by Ass. Cult. Pindoc Onlus in collaboration with Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts of Bangalore and supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai, India.

Synopsis: A residency in Bangalore, India. An encounter between the choreographer and an Indian dancer. Italy and India are far away from each other, but also, they have many things in common: for example, their names in Italian: Italia and India. Both start with an “I” and both end with an “A”. The space between the “I” and the “A” has been filled in not with the letters that are necessary to write Italia or India but with a mix of the two cultures, finding new bridges to connect them. The two dancers who, in spite of their own different origins, skin colour and physical features are united by a dance that ties together all their diversity. Exploring every day eleven movements by the martial art Kalaripayattu, Kathak dance and Bharatanatyam dance and transforming them, they created the sequences of the piece. The aim of the choreographer was to explore the Indian traditional techniques and find a new quality of movement in a way that dancers and people that are practicing these forms for years, watching the piece, can only guess which movements he was inspired by and not always recognise them. A long turban, symbol of the mother earth, that will generate life, a mist that will follow the shape of the bodies in the space, and incense with a cozy smell, will give birth to this new duet and to this new world that is located, indeed, between the “I” and the “A”.

About Stefano Fardelli:
Stefano Fardelli, born in Italy, is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Artistic Director of EurAsia Dance Project International Network. He received his degree at M.A.S. Academy in Milan; he then continued his studies in other choreographic centres in Europe. Among his international collaborations are the Berlin Opera, BBC, The Place, Royal Finland Opera, Les Gens d’Uterpan, English National Opera, Cie Twain etc.

About Parth Bharadwaj:
Parth  Bharadwaj is a contemporary dance practitioner actively involved in creating individual dance work and facilitating technique classes. He has a keen focus towards arts education, community arts and is finding ways towards self-sustainable methods for individual art/dance practice. He has trained extensively through his association with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts and engagement with various open workshops and mentors. His classes work towards finding a deeper connection between breath, spine and finding continuous energy flow. Spirals, floor work, Physical sensations, fall & recovery, speed, dynamism & precision are explored via structured movement phrases. Classes are fundamentally physical, borrowing information from individual movement practice, multiple contemporary techniques and martial arts.


Jan 11 - 12 2020


2 shows at 6 PM & 8 PM both days
6:00 pm



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Black Box
G-5/A, Laxmi Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalakshmi West, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

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