Virtual Cinema Club 15 | Intermission #01

Virtual Cinema Club 15 | Intermission #01

This week we’re taking a pause from films, for a VCC Intermissions session where we get together with our hosts Ishan and Neeraj to talk about “The Anatomy of a Scene”. 

Tune in at the G5A Youtube Channel at 9:30 PM this Saturday.

The Intermission Session: Every 10 weeks, we take a pause from the films to focus on various elements of cinema – the images, the sound, the narrative, and the performance – that bring life to the words, characters, and places in a film.


The G5A Virtual Cinema Club | 52 weeks. 52 filmmakers. 2 films a week

Cinema and the moving image is central to our lives even more today than ever before. It touches our lives intimately and profoundly. It can shape our ideas, thoughts, and values. It also has the power to change our ways of looking and thinking.

This is the language of cinema and we are here to talk about it. How the various elements, the images, the sound, the narrative, and the performance, all come together to bring life to the words, characters, and places. As we look closely, what threads do we begin to see across a director’s work: similar themes, a signature style, or perhaps the evolution of an idea. Cinema has the ability to raise many powerful questions and we’re hoping to ask the right ones.


52 weeks; 52 directors; 2 films a week

We will announce the director and films for each week on Friday, and then we have the whole week to watch the films. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can enjoy these films from the comfort of your room, sofa, or cell phone right from a streaming service.

New films will be announced after the IG Live on Sundays on our Instagram, so stay tuned


Neeraj Jain is a first generation, Indian-American cinematographer based in New York City. In high school, Neeraj took a plunge and started shooting various short documentaries. In 2015, Neeraj graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A in Film and TV production. In his final year, Neeraj shot many short films for various directors and in 2017 was awarded the Faculty Commendation in Cinematography at NYU.

Aside from working as a cinematographer, Neeraj spent as much time as he could to learn from the masters. In 2016, he attended the ASC Masterclass and was able to learn from one of his favourite working cinematographers – Rodrigo Prieto. He has also spent time working in the lighting teams of various TV shows like Master of None and Girls.

Recently, Neeraj shot the feature film, The Sound of the Wind. He hopes his narrative work will allow him to tell stories from various corners of the world.


Ishan Benegal

With a background in English Literature and Mathematics, Ishan Benegal’s creative practice takes the form of writing, photography, and food. While music, cinema, football, and reading remain firmly in orbit.

As the Associate Artistic Director at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture he’s at the helm of G5A’s creative strategy, where his background and practice help inform and drive the curatorial process. He is also the brains behind PORT Kitchen & Bar, an all day cafe and bar housed within G5A that is a space for new conversations and new connections fuelled by home-style food, coffee, and cocktails.


Jul 11 2020


9:30 pm

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