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Advance Locality Management (ALM) Network

Active Citizenry Model
Advance Locality Management (ALM) Network

Advance Locality Management (ALM) is a group of prominent citizens of a ward who come together to ensure the welfare of the locality and its people. They tackle issues such as solid waste management, safety, and preservation of the environment. 

The Mumbai Placemaking Cell housed within their respective Ward offices will:

  1. Activate the ALM Network to communicate and enable quick implementation of initiatives and programs
  2. Form the ward citizen collective: for example, the G South Ward Collective within G South Ward with representatives of the various communities (both young and elderly) and of participating stakeholders
  3. Hold monthly meetings with the collective to ensure transparency and accessibility for the community
  4. Introduce initiatives such as My Neighborhood My Responsibility | Majha Parisar Majhi Javabdari, Cleanliness Drives etc. to ensure a sustainable and zero waste neighborhood
  5. Work towards improved safety and security