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Mumbai Placemaking Cell

A Collaborative Participatory Model
Mumbai Placemaking Cell

The Mumbai Placemaking cell is a collective of creative professionals, designers, and urban planners who guide and work within the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) structure towards deployment of amenities and services that are inclusive and participatory, and therefore sustainable and rewarding to all.

The cell builds upon the existing BMC structure and is a suggested structure that helps support and delivers projects in a holistic, cohesive, and sustainable way, integrating the existing processes and paying attention the Mumbai Placemaking principles/process. The MPC will evaluate incoming proposals for their ward and present only the ones that are appropriate from a holistic point of view.

Mumbai Placemaking Cell

Role of the Mumbai Placemaking Cell

We envision each of the BMC Ward offices across the city housing a Mumbai  Placemaking Cell (MPC) office. These cells will take on the following roles and responsibilities for their ward, and research, conceptualise and execute holistically designed projects within the neighborhood.

  • Project Management
  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Architecture, Planning, and Design
  • Communications
  • Implementation
  • Internship Program

The internship program is a learning and development space for young designers, architects, and urban design professionals to train under the Mumbai Placemaking Cell by working on research, design, and execution of city planning projects.