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Reclaiming Shakti

Shakti Mills

Reclaiming Shakti

One of the few remaining erstwhile mill compounds in Mumbai, Shakti Mills is a hollowed out remnant of the grand structure it must once have been. The Shakti Mills Lane now lined with taxis, offices, and hawkers during the day passes by the hauntingly beautiful thick, stone walls (now broken down), revealing the majestic arches and imposing chimneys of this disputed, crumbling land overgrown with green. Narrow and dimly lit at night, the lane carries haunting memories and isn’t quite safe to walk alone. Considering accessibility needs of over 2000 office-goers and shop owners, cityLAB has created and worked with the Shakti Mills ALM to propose an upgradation plan for the BMC.

The following initiatives have been implemented

  • clearing encroachments
  • creating provisions for pedestrian accessibility
  • street lighting

The other proposed projects include

  • improved amenities and services including parking, pavement, signage, and security
  • lighting of monuments and buildings
  • landscaping
  • solid waste management

This historic lane with its imposing facade has the potential to to host local Art and Culture Programs and Festivals as well, thus encouraging creative economies within the G South Ward.

Reclaiming Shakti