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in conversation with max vandervorst

An Arts Practice Interview Series
in conversation with max vandervorst

What question do you keep coming back to in your arts practice?

“It is Art which makes Life more interesting than Art itself!”

What discipline, other than your own, do you draw most from?

“I find Literature fascinating. A pen and a sheet of paper are all you need to create an entire world.”

How does your arts practice allow you to respond creatively to conflict/crisis around you?

“My artistic practice is a direct reaction against consumerist society. The main message is that we can achieve great things with means that are well within a common person’s reach.”

What do you enjoy most about the process of creating new work and what recurring challenges do you encounter?

“Diving into the unknown and exploring new terrain without being afraid of getting lost.”

How do you feel the arts ecosystem can/should evolve in the city?

“By shifting the focus to smaller art forms and bringing them to neighborhoods – closer to people.”

in conversation with max vandervorst