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in conversation with sohni patel

An Arts Practice Interview Series
in conversation with sohni patel

What question do you keep coming back to in your arts practice?

“The question I always ask myself is: how am I creating a greater cultural dialogue through this work? When I started out I always wanted to create impact, but along the way I realized impact can also be as simple as starting a conversation or creating something that makes someone feel uncomfortable which then leads to some sort of self-questioning. Anytime I create and put something out into the world, whether it’s through design, art or writing — I want there to be some purpose to it.”

What discipline, other than your own, do you draw most from?

“Writing helps me sort a lot of my thoughts and start the creative process. Before each House of Sohn collection I do, my design process actually begins with writing down themes I want to explore, the story I want to tell, and how to do that through clothing. I’ve got two sketchbooks — one with drawings and the other filled with words.”

How do you feel the arts ecosystem can/should evolve in the city?

“Artists in different disciplines need to breakdown the individual silos in which they exist and come together to work, and create something beautiful and big. When it becomes more about how can we elevate the space together in innovative ways instead of being locked in our personal comfort-zones, I think this city can be unstoppable. With our company Est. Form we are trying to bring these interdisciplinary collaborations to life and expand the community that consumes it.”

in conversation with sohni patel