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Inbam by Kapila Venu | In Residence 🗓


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Witness the artistry of Kutiyattam 

Inbam is inspired by Meena Kandasamy’s translation of Inbathupal  – the love poetry from Thirukkuṟaḷ. 

This production unfolds across four chapters. Each chapter will embark on a distinct theme, delving further into this text. 

Chapter 1 – Ēkkam
October 05, 2023 

Ēkkam the first chapter of Inbam explores Kapila Venu’s relationship with Tamizh. Conceptualised as a monologue the work is a personal reflection setting the tone for the other chapters.

Chapter 2 – Madurai Veeran Kathai
October 06, 2023 

Madurai Veeran Kathai brings to life the popular folk tale of the Tamizh hero Madhurai Veeran. Through the poetry of Inbāthupal, Kapila Venu explores and weaves the imagery of the male desire.

Chapter 3 – Vellaiammālin Kathai
October 07, 2023 

Vellaiammālin Kathai interprets the story of Madurai Veeran through the lens of one of his lovers – Vellaiammāl, a courtesan. Through her gaze, Kapila Venu brings to life the female desire.

Chapter 4 – Mādhavī
October 08, 2023 

Mādhavī pays homage to Chomāyil Mādhavī Ammā, a Mohinīyattam dancer from 1903s. Very little information is available on this dancer whose home Kapila Venu discovered during one of her evening walks. Mādhavī explores the poetry of desire through Mohinīyattam vocabulary and Sopāna singing.

Kapila Venu – Performance & Choreography
Kalamandalam Rajeev – Mizhavu
Kalamandalam Hariharan – Mizhavu
Sankar Venkateswaran – Dramaturgy
Masoom Parmar, Alif Arts Consultancy – Producer for Kapila Venu
Prathwin K Udupi – Light Design

The performances will be followed by an engaging Q&A session with the artist.  

About the Artist

Kapila Venu is an accomplished practitioner of Kutiyattam and Nangiar Koothu (One of the oldest surviving Theatre and Storytelling traditions of the world originating and practised in South India). She was initiated into these traditions at a very young age.

She is the disciple of the legendary Kutiyattam master – Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, renowned Kutiyattam practitioner and actor-trainer – Guru G Venu and foremost female practitioner of Kutiyattam – Guru Usha Nangiar.  Kapila has also trained in Mohiniyattam classical dance for several years under her mother, eminent teacher and scholar – Guru Nirmala Paniker.

Kapila has been active as a performer of Kutiyattam since a young age. Her repertoire comprises both traditional performances and new experiments. She aspires to explore the depths of traditions and at the same time find other than the regular possibilities, spaces and people for her art.

Kutiyattam is the only artform that combines Sanskrit drama with traditional Koothu dance. 



In Residence, a production series, creates space for practitioners to explore their craft, form, and expression to consistently and rigorously refine their practice. Each production is hosted over an extended duration at the warehouse, enabling work that is multidisciplinary and grounded in traditional and contemporary performance methods.

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