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kārvāñsarāy - Zine Bazaar Mumbai 2022 Curated By Gaysi Family

kārvāñsarāy – Zine Bazaar Mumbai 2022 Curated By Gaysi Family

Keeping with Gaysi’s decade-long tradition of providing a platform for diverse voices, Zine Bazaar will highlight the talent and range of creators, thinkers, and lovers of all kinds of art on the 29th & 30th of October 2022.

There will be 50+ zine-makers showcasing their work!

With newer mediums and opportunities available to artists today, the independent art scene has never been more exciting. Even within the comics and narrative illustration mediums, there is so much worth exploring, and we can’t wait for you to come and experience some of these explorations and their results with us this October.

Theme: kārvāñsarāy

a rest-stop for all us caravaners and travellers as we journey through life

This edition of the zine-bazaar we celebrate all us travellers as we make our way through life. These journeys can be literal or metaphorical, short or long, taken together or even alone. They can be stories of your paths through life, your adventures (those already taken, and those on the list), your trials, your aspirations, and your desires, and you can be a person, an individual, or you can be a community, or you can be both.

8 Workshops and Talks over 2 Days!

In Partnership with Humsafar Trust (Supported by TRANScend & CFLI)

Since we’ve called you all together, we’ve tried to make sure that there is something here for everybody. This edition explores art and thought through several mediums: there’s photography, gif animation, podcasts, found objects and memorabilia, conversations on NFTs and creative licensing and, of course, zines!

*We seriously advise you to invest in the Weekend Pass! | Check out the programming schedule in the gallery section below.

Community Partners

Godrej Properties | Greater Than | G5A warehouse

At its heart, a bazaar is a space for celebration and collaboration. Our community partners, Godrej Properties, Greater Than Gin and G5A Warehouse ensure that the experience of the Zine Bazaar is something that leaves you energized because there’s always something for everyone! We can’t wait to share all of Zine Bazaar’s different sights, scenes, colours, people, and exchange thoughts and ideas with you.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Oct 30 2022


11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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