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Zine Bazaar 2019: Desi Fantasy - The Multiverse

Zine Bazaar 2019: Desi Fantasy – The Multiverse

After the incredible success of its Bombay (September 2018) and Delhi (January 2019) Editions, Zine Bazaar is back in its home city, Bombay for its third edition and is all set to spread the love for art, design, dynamic content, radical conversations and ideas to a variety of minds this September.

Keeping with Gaysi Family tradition of providing a platform for diverse voices from all across since a decade now, Zine Bazaar will highlight the talent and range of creators, thinkers, and consumers of all kinds of art on the 21st and 22nd of September, 2019.

After having explored various ideas and perspectives on Identity and Vision during our earlier editions, we want to take the conversation in a fantastically explorative direction with Desi Fantasy, our theme for this edition of the Bazaar.

Our world as we know it is a set of patterns, rules and a society created on the known. But what happens when some of these patterns break? What alternative worlds come to the fore when reality as we know it is altered?

Zine Bazaar 2019 Bombay Edition is on a quest to dig deeper into our imaginative minds, explore what is unknown and conserve the fantastic visions humankind has introduced to our linear stories to make them more interesting. Our imaginations could be slight alterations, or the creation of entirely different worlds. They could be written as erotic fantasies or as worlds for children to delve into and enjoy. They could give fresh meanings to romance or climb into the darkest parts of our fears. Or, they could play with existing stories and give life to the most fantastic fan theories.

This edition of Zine Bazaar will also witness some wonderfully mind-bending conversations that explore all the possible and impossible versions of Desi Fantasy – the multiverse, its pleasant fantasies, and horrifying realities and more, through activities, talks, workshops and a curated set of 60+ exhibitors.

Highlights of the 2-day event include:

– A spread of 50+ independent artists and publishers exhibiting their work at pop up stalls

– Design and storytelling workshops, meant to make you challenge what you already know and build skills in new exciting areas

– Talks designed to discuss questions plaguing the community

– Wonderful storytellers, expressionists and artistes, all under one roof

Entry Pass:

Exhibit Area ONLY – INR 200/per person, per day

Single Day All Access Pass – INR 750/per person, per day [Pick any 3 out of 4 activities]

Weekend All Access Pass – INR 1400/per person, two days [Pick any 6 out of 8 activities]

All Access Pass includes participation in workshops & activity talks


Sep 21 - 22 2019


11:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Gaysi Media Private Limited

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