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Metamorphosis by Papia Chakraborty

Metamorphosis by Papia Chakraborty

What really determines a person’s true identity- who the person really is? Is it one’s emotions, personal beliefs, values, hormonal urges, kinks, likes and dislike and her love language that make her unique? Or is it solely defined by social standards imposed upon her? Or is her identity a restless jumble of the two. Most of us lead a good part of our lives enmeshed in our comfortable cocoons labeled work, family, social life and sleep. The rinse-repeat formula works too, that is until something comes to shake things up. You lose someone or something you love and life as you knew it becomes a stranger. You become a stranger. And those questions posited above become loud. It’s time for the caterpillar to wake up from her hibernation. To realize that she is more than just the mundane identity lent to her by society. It’s time to seek out a path that is hers alone.

Join us at the G5A warehouse to explore the idea of ‘self.’


Feb 08 2024


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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