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the order of abstract

the order of abstract

“The core purpose of Aalaap can be understood as that of suggesting, invoking and touching upon the intangible – be it an emotion, an idea, or an entity; revealing the form to its simplest, minimalist, open, personal, and thus its truest being. The ‘Vyakaran’ of the Dagarvaani Dhrupad Aalaap stands out as one of the finest examples of this process. A process one can define as the ‘Abstract’. In today’s time and age it becomes important to redefine and look afresh at the idea and discipline of abstract, particularly in the forms of art and music that are universal and timeless such as Dhrupad.” Pelva shares her thoughts on what it means to be free within the boundaries of an art form.

G5A forum is proud to present Morning Riyaaz, a series of concerts featuring artists from different schools of music. Through this series, we hope to revive the relevance of pre-dawn discipline and invite audiences to experience the nuances within Indian classical music. We opened the first season of Morning Riyaaz with Pelva Naik, a solo Indian vocalist of the ancient genre of classical music–Dhrupad. She is accompanied by Sanjay Agle on the Pakhawaj and two of her students Aryaa and Renuka on the Tanpura. 

Join us on April 18 at 0630 IST for Morning Riyaaz with Pelva Naik on our YouTube channel.

Morning Riyaaz is supported by the G5A A.R.T. Fund and the Kshirsagar Apte Foundation, we’d like to thank all the donors for their consistent support.


Apr 18 2021


6:30 am


G-5/A, Laxmi Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalakshmi West, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

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